The ancient Greek historian, Herodotus, was among the first to document a sacred Fountain of Youth many centuries ago. Countless civilizations have popularized a medieval fantasy of curing one human characteristic that binds us all – aging. But, none were backed by science, employed a staff of impressive medical experts,

Although the period of time that Cells and Exosomes have been researched has been short-lived, we have seen tremendous evidence to show that there is a significant amount of regeneration for many pathologies.Adding this as a tool to our practice gives us a cutting-edge advantage to acclerate the anti-aging process.

If you’re tired of spending thousands on anti-aging treatments that aren’t effective, Javan Wellness is here for you.We understand the frustration of spending your hard-earned cash on a product or treatment that doesn’t work — and we want to make up for your ineffective treatments.Located in Washington D.C., we specialize


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