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Quarantine has been difficult on many different levels… one of which is skincare. Simply put, a lot of us are isolated in our homes for large chunks of the day, leaving us plenty of idle time to look in the mirror and obsess over every last imperfection. Those of us who see ourselves on Zoom calls throughout the day have even more room to worry about blemishes, wrinkles, or blotchiness.Rather than using

What’s your preferred method for eliminating unwanted body hair? For some, the answer may be good old-fashioned plucking and tweezing. For others, the solution may be wax. If you’ve never considered laser hair removal, we’d encourage you to do so; we think you’ll find that it offers many benefits that these other methods simply can’t match.We’re pleased to offer laser hair removal services here at Javan Wellness, and we’re happy to talk

Fall can be a really lovely time of year; the weather starts cooling down, the leaves begin to change colors, and the promise of the holiday season isn’t too far off. But for all the great things about autumn, there are also a few drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks? Fall weather can really take a toll on your skin.In fact, there are several skincare problems that tend to occur during the

Most of us are instructed from a young age on the importance of taking our vitamins. But what if sound nutrition and oral supplements aren’t quite giving you the vitamin boost you need?A number of patients come to Javan Wellness for injections of Vitamin B-12, a quick and easy procedure that can yield wide-ranging health benefits.If you have specific questions about whether these injections are right for you, we welcome you

What’s the best way to lose unwanted body weight? The traditional answer, of course, is through sound nutrition and regular exercise. But what happens if you have stubborn areas of fat that simply won’t respond to lifestyle changes? What about the proverbial “muffin top,” love handles, double chin, or paunch?One possible solution is body contouring. Body contouring treatments target these stubborn fat deposits, allowing you to enjoy a more streamlined physique. We’re


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