Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet-Rich Plasma. Sound Cool? Well, It Really Is!

Common Uses in Treatment:

  • Regeneration of Articular Cartilage
  • Acceleration of Fracture/Tissue Healing
  • Faster Incorporation of Tendon Grafts
  • Less pain and More Function
Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP Can Make The Difference

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Most Common Conditions Treated

  • Tendinitis and Tendon Tears

    Tendinitis and Tendon Tears

    Inflammation and injury to a tendon that connects muscles to bones

  • Osteoarthritis


  • Skin Damage and Scarring

    Skin Damage and Scarring

    We provide Vampire Facials, treatment for wrinkles and lines, and reducing the appearance of difficult scarring

  • Prevent Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

    Prevent Hair Loss and Hair Restoration

Frequently Asked Questions About PRP Therapy

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  • What is platelet-rich plasma therapy?

    PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma and is used to describe a blood sample that has a very high concentration of platelets.

  • What conditions and injuries can benefit from PRP injections?

    PRP Therapy has very good potential benefit especially when other forms of conservative treatment may not be successful. Primarily it is used for arthritis, tendonitis, and sports injuries. In fact, several favorite professional athletes have had this treatment to help them recover faster from their injuries. Platelet-rich plasma is not a medicine that will make you stronger or faster. In fact, it is derived from one’s own cells, and, therefore, is about as natural a product one can get. Because PRP comes from our own bodies , there is very little, if any, the risk involved.

  • What is the difference between Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy and. Stem Cell Therapy?

    The answer is PRP can enhance the effects of stem cell therapy. PRP works as a complementary treatment during stem cell therapy, as it helps the cells to flourish while reducing inflammation. In many ways, PRP acts like a growth factor to the components of stem cells injected into the body.

  • What are the risks of PRP Therapy?

    There are very few risks associated with platelet-rich plasma. Why? Because PRP is derived from one’s own body, you are not injecting a foreign substance, thereby eliminating the risk of rejection or allergic reaction. There is a minimal risk of infection, just as there is with any medical procedure using a needle. However, provided there is proper care for the medical equipment and environment, this risk is minimal. At Javan Wellness, we prescribe a short course of antibiotics during the treatment to reduce this risk.

More About PRP Injections and Therapy

It is a natural therapy. Everything required for this treatment comes from your own body. Because PRP therapy makes use of injections, and no surgery is necessary, there is no scarring.

It is very safe. Getting a blood transfusion from another individual is riskier than platelet-rich plasma therapy. Why? PRP therapy makes use of cells from your own body, rather than those from another individual.

There is minimal downtime. The recovery process from PRP therapy is speedy and usually does not involve any restrictions on your activity.

Do platelet-rich plasma injections hurt?

No More than an regular shot.

What is the recovery like after a platelet-rich plasma injection?

There are no restrictions on your daily routine following PRP injections.

Can I exercise after platelet-rich plasma therapy?

Yes, you can exercise after PRP therapy.

How long does platelet-rich plasma last?

This varies greatly on the nature of your health problem, as well as the method of PRP preparation. We recommend speaking to a doctor to get a better understanding of how PRP may be able to help you.

What kind of research has been done on platelet-rich plasma therapy?

Several peer-reviewed research and clinical articles have documented both the safety and effectiveness of PRP. We have collected and summarized a number of these articles, which you can find here.